Good to know

The blue units are swordsmen, the green are archers :D

How to play

Move your units around and have them attack the enemy units. The enemies drop XP, HP or Unit tokens as rewards when killed. When you level up you can upgrade your units and buy new units using your collected tokens.

Known issues

  • The game is not really balanced. So some upgrades might not do much, while others might be to overpowered. 
  • The enemy spawn rate is kind of broken towards the end, so if your units are powerful enough the game will play itself until you quit :D
  • The game can be kind of memory intensive. I don't know how your computer will handle it.
  • There is very little to do in the game. There is nothing to force the player to move around. I had plans to add active skills you can trigger, but didn't have the time to implement them...
  • Overall I think the game is pretty boring. I will try to fix that in the future  :) (maybe).


WASD / arrow keys: Move player commander

ESC: Toggle Pause

Space/Return: Select menu items


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Mini Mayhem v0.1 Windows 56 MB

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