Controls: WASD, Space

Use space to jump to to tiles diagonally.

The game consists of 8 different rooms where you need to complete the puzzle in the current room to advance.

To solve the puzzles you need to step on the number of tiles that is indicated by the display on the wall, and have them add upp to the number displayed below the step-counter on the wall.

When you have pressed down the correct number of tiles and they add up to the correct value, you complete the puzzle by stepping/jumping on the green tile.

Remember to be close enough to the green tile when you solved the puzzle so that you can get to it without stepping outside, or on any other tile!

Some other rules:

- Each tile can only be stepped on once, if you do it twice the puzzle will fail and you will have to reset it by leaving the puzzle-zone.

- Some puzzles may require you to jump diagonally across tiles to solve it. So don't forget that!

Made withUnity
TagsLudum Dare 37
Average sessionA few minutes
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